Friday, 12 May 2017

28mm Guild Ball Fishermen, Plus Infinity PanO

Hi All,

This week started with a couple of Guild Ball Fishermen 'Jac' & 'Greyscales'; joining the 'Shark' character I'd previously painted.
I was then approached by a customer/friend who I'd painted Infinity Panoceania minis for; he explained a situation & asked if I could help. He had 36 minis in his collection which he wanted to field in coming events. Due to lack of time (for both of us) & hobby budget, he wanted to see what could be done. After looking at the painting guide I used for his minis, we agreed to get all the minis' main colour (blue) basecoated/highlighted/shaded. This leaves some work to complete, but at lease he can put something colourful on the table for now.
One thing I always aim for when dealing with customers is a 'win-win' result.

Checkout the YouTube Here!


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