Wednesday, 14 December 2016

10mm Pendraken SYW Prussian 13th Cuirassiers + Studio Update!

Hi All,

The 13th Cuirassiers were the elite Guard du Corps & fittingly my customer requested that I give them a little more attention with their paint job. Accordingly, I added additional wash & highlights to give them a more natural look. I requested that I base the minis, simply so that I could get some nice pics (see below)

As usual there is a YouTube vid about these minis, click HERE!

These represent the last commission work of the year for me. Its been a fantastic year (with the odd bump in the road from my health issues) overall.

I have a lot planned for the new year (& maybe before). As of today my Wife Wendy & me now own the house we have been renting. This means we can start to decorate as we please & generally improve the place. For Mickey's Minis this means a redesigned studio, which I'm looking forward to using.


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