Monday, 25 January 2016

Forge World Primarch - Vulkan WIP 1h 30m

Hi All,

I hope you had a great weekend! I made it two weekends in a row of hobby goodness, more of that over on my hobby blog.

As for today, it's all about the big guy - Vulkan. Yes today I started a new commission, Vulkan Primarch of the Salamanders. This is a resin kit from Forge World, which means super detail. Unfortunately it also meant I missing left hand & lots of time spent in preparation. Thankfully FW 'were on the ball' & sent out a replacement hand today & the clean-up process wasn't all that bad.

With all the prep work completed I set to work adding some undercoats, apart from the main body, which will wait until hand is attached.

I also added some basecoats to the base, dragon shouldered/cloak & head, all of which I haven't glued onto the main mini yet ( to aid with painting).

This minis being painted to my High Tabletop level (one step down from my finest work), so tomorrow I will start adding washes & highlights to those parts painted today.


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