Monday, 4 January 2016

16th C. Portuguese 28s #1 - WIP 18h 30m

Hi All,

It seems like only days ago since I wrote my last post, since then Christmas has past & were into 2016. I hope you all had a good time & Santa brought you all the minis you were hoping for.  As for me, my health as usual took a hit & I spent a lot of time feeling worn out with all my muscles aching (thats M.E. for you). On a positive note I did get a fey minis, mainly X-Wing, with some 15mm Sci-fi & a whole lot of sculpting materials. On that note, I did manage to get a little more 15mm sculpting done & 'm pleased with the results so far.

Anyways, the holidays are over & it was back to work for me. Being as I haven't been that well, I eased into it with a couple of hours today. I completed a couple more basecoats to the lighter leather colours.


As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).

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