Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bethayne & Belphagor (Legion of Everblight) - Zenithal '25' WIP 1h 0m

Hi All,

Today I continued work on Bethayne & Belphagor (having previously applied zenithal undercoats). Completing work on the Turquoise skintone. Now before you look at the pics, I feel I need to explain what going on; especially to those who don't know this character. In the below pics you will see four 'minis' the first is Bethayne, a female looking warrior. The second is Belphagor, a construct of Bethaynes, created to protect her. The next two are magnetised parts which can sit inside the Belphagor mini (in the belly area). The first is Bethayne herself, gaining the protection of the beast. The second being Belphagor's 'belly', with 'arms' waiting to hold its's master. Mmmmmm!

Last night I uploaded to YouTube episode 3 of Studio-Time, this one shows the 17th C. Fantasy Dwarves I recently painted, here's a LINK!


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