Tuesday, 15 December 2015

16th C. Portuguese 28s #1 - WIP 6h 0m

Hi All,

I started work today on the Portuguese by cleaning up the legs & any missed areas (undercoat) with black. All the steel metal areas were painted & the minis with black hair was painted Luftwaffe Uniform WWII. I'm roughly splitting the hair colour in the group in half, with the other half dark brown.

My initial aims are to block paint all the areas that will be washed black first. These can then be washed together, before moving onto a group of colours to be washed brown & so on.


As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).

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