Monday, 3 August 2015

Imperial French Infantry (1) - Completed 3h 0m, Productivness Musings!

Hi All,

Leading on from my musings last week re productiveness, I decided to try something new, well in fact old. In terms of the morale factor in productiveness, nothing beats completing a mini! Recently I've been trying to find the happy medium between this & the main productiveness factor, that of production/output i.e how many minis have been painted. As a commission painter, like most I've leant towards high output. Taking sale morale boosts from having painted e.g. 100+ brown areas in a day & finally a big boost once the project is completed.

I have decided to try turning this on it's head a little. Anything I paint in a day I would like to complete & have the big morale boost with it. The obvious arguments against this are, output will suffer & morale may take a hit from the seemingly endless smaller projects (needed to complete the whole). In order to answer the first I'm going to work out what can be done in any given day, this will ensure that I'm getting the most out of my working day. After all, painting a horse one day and a cannon the next won't get projects completed in any decent time. Once I know this ideal work rate I can then access it next to my previous 'production/output style'.

As for the second side of the argument, dealing with the never ending mass of lead. That's not an issue for me, I understand how the brain works & how to look at things from a positive viewpoint. I won't focus on the lead, but on the growing army of painted minis & the painting schedule getting smaller & smaller.

In all honesty I don't think their is going to be a lot between the two & if thats the case I'm happy to take the morale route.

All of which brings me back to today's work, I painting one full regiment (21 minis) of French infantry (from my latest mound of lead), in order that I could find a completion time. Cleaning-up & undercoating (black) were completed yesterday, I've included the undercoating into the completion time. Give or take a minute it took me three hours (including varnishing) to complete them. In addition, I painted then carefully with a brush from black (no airbrush basecoats & little black lining). Personally I think they look great (see below pics) & I really enjoyed working on them. The next test on the infantry will be to complete my goal of two regiments in a day.

I also started work on two cavalry regiments, which I also hope can be completed in a day, more on these tomorrow!

These changes also mean that I will need to change my preparation for the good. Rather than cleaning-up 100s of minis in a day, I can split this down to more manageable parts each day or night & apply undercoating. This gives then a good nights' worth of drying time.

Overall I'm feeling very positive about this new/old approach & look forward to seeing more results.


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