Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dutch Cavalry (2) - WIP 0h 45m

Hi All,

Though not a usual work day, I wanted to get the airbrush work on this next group of horse completed; that way I can dive into the brush-work next week. I also felt I had time to make up after being ill a couple of days. I also get the opportunity to show the minis from the start of the new process.

Ive worked on 6 sticks, 3 regiments (as before). This time I airbrushed a black undercoat over the whole surface of the minis. Once dry I applied zenithal highlights with grey primer, again with the airbrush. Finally, the horseflesh colours were added from no lower than 45° to the minis. This ensures that the undersides remain black & therefore naturally shaded. The horseflesh colours I used were Flat Brown & Flat Earth.


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