Monday, 20 July 2015

Dutch Artillery - Completed 7h 0m

Hi All,

Despite a poor nights sleep, I rallied round this morning & starter work early, determined to completed work on the Dutch Artillery. This I did, using a new process, taken from my personal painting. I basecoated all areas of the minis (except for the previously airbrushed coats) with black. This meant that so long as I was careful with the remaining coats of paint, I wouldn't need to blackline.

This raised two questions for me!

  1. Do I return to a black undercoat without basecoating the minis using the airbrush, just getting to work with the brush? I think at my 'Tabletop' level, where no highlights are used, the simple answer is yes. I will use this method on the Dutch Cavalry.
  2. My second question; was my previous thought about twenty sticks being optimum (see previous post on 'Productiveness') correct? After all I've completed a group of 13 (half of which was guns/equipment) in seven hours & more importantly it feels great to finish units. Comparing previous performance, doing some simple maths I think that theres not much in it time wise, or is there? I felt like I was painting faster today, there was a drive to get the unit completed. Whereas painting a group of 20+ sticks can feel like factory style work, with the drive being to complete one colour at a time. This leads inevitably to another colour & so on until completion; problem is, in the back of your mind you know you won't be completing that day (day 1 at least). Using smaller numbers, easier goals can be met, which mentally drives you forward. Again, I can try this out with the Dutch cavalry, painting as two, rather than one group.


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