Monday, 16 February 2015

LoA 10s #2 - Austro/Swab/Franco/Sax Cavalry - WIP 1h 45m

Hi All,

Its been a busy start to the week with most my day take-up with the preparation of the cavalry for the LoA commission.

This afternoon I made a start on the airbrushing(1h 45m shown above). Im using a slightly different approach with these cavalry, one which has worked well with the infantry previously. That is to use a pre-shade undercoat with a thin basecoat; the result of which is a horse which looks naturally highlighted(dark base - bright top). Not only does this look better, but also shaves a little brush time.

I first applied an undercoat of black to the whole mini, then grey undercoat from a 45 degree angle and finally a white undercoat from directly above.

My next step will be to apply the various horse colour shades.


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