Wednesday, 10 December 2014

LoA 10s #1 - French Infantry - Day 3

Hi Guys,

Todays has been a colourful one, as I have been base coating the various cuffs/turnbacks and officer coats; these include blue, red, purple, black and light/dark green. The dark green I also highlighted.  Whilst taking pics i did notice that I had missed out a single black coated regiment(finish these first thing tomorrow), otherwise all the facing colours are ready for highlights(again work for tomorrow). Before I could do this I had to complete work with white, and there is lots of it. Overall they are looking great, lots of colour variation but with a strong white theme, can't waint to see them completed an d based.


As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).

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