Monday, 3 November 2014

BA US Airborne #1 Day 9.5

Big day today, lots done!
  1. Highlight any first aid packs with a coat of Heavy Grey(VGC)
  2. Highlight the dark green equipment (grenades, MP/BAR pouches & medic’s webbing) with a coat of Brown Violet(VMC)
  3. Highlight the uniform with a coat of German Camo Beige(VMC)
  4. Highlight the webbing, backpacks, ammo pouches & entrenching tools/canteen covers with a coat of Deck Tan(VMC)
  5. Highlight the wood (rifle, handles), chin strap & boots with a thinned coat of Dark Fleshtone(VGC)
  6. Highlight the elbow/knee patches with a coat of Reflective Green(VMC)
  7. Highlight knife covers with a coat of Rakarth Flesh(C)
  8. Highlight the boot laces, any gloves & dampbrush the tops of the bases with a coat of Zandri Dust(C)
  9. Highlight the metal parts with a thinned coat of Neutral Grey(VMC)

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