Tuesday, 4 November 2014

BA US Airborne #1 Day 11

Its been a loooong day(hence the 1.5 days added to the title's time), but the US Airborne are completed.
  1. Add battle damage with a sponge (were appropriate) using unthinned Boltgun Metal(C)
  2. Brownline(thinned 1:1 mix of Agrax Earthshade(C):Smokey Ink(VGC) were needed
  3. Repaint the rim of the base with a thinned coat of Flat Earth(VMC)
  4. Apply decals
  5. Apply flock to the bases
  6. Airbrush the mini with a 1:1 mix of Matt Varnish(V):Airbrush Thinner(V)
As it is the final day for pics I have a lot of them, including some whole army pics:

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