Friday, 3 October 2014

French Napoleonic 18s #6 Day 5

It's been a fun day today painting these cavalry minis, though it didn't all go to plan at first. I started out in my usual way airbrushing black, dusting grey, then the horses colour, followed by the brushwork. As I got into the brushwork I realised that I was repainting most of the mini with grey. At this point I decided that I would start these minis from a grey airbrush. This means that when the black wash is added, any grey remaining will turn out black.

I've added a few research pics below of the 13th and the two cavalry generals (d'Hautpol and Nansouty). The 13th were a regiment thrown together from many other regiments and were the only heavy regiment the French had in the Peninsular at the time. Due to lack of resources many of the unit had to use traditional brown Spanish cloth to outfit their uniforms. In addition the facing colour for the unit was maroon, known as lie-de-vin 'wine dregs' which make for a very distinctive unit.

Here is the guide so far (I've discovered in 'Pages' that you can customise/rename your font colours, all mine match my paints - a little nerdy, but I like it):
  1. Clean the miniatures, glue the rider and horse together. Attach to temporary bases
  2. Apply an undercoat with the airbrush using a 1:1 mix of Black Surface Primer(V):Airbrush Thinner(V)
  3. Airbrush the whole minis with a 1:1 mix of German Grey(VMC):Airbrush Thinner(V)
  4. Leave the Black horses, cavalryman/saddle/equipment, horse leather/hair/markings
  5. Paint the brown horses with a coat of a Charred Brown(VGC)
  6. Paint the chestnut horses with a coat of Dark Fleshtone(VGC)
  7. Paint the grey & white horses with a coat of Cold Grey(VGC)
  8. Paint any Spanish cloth(optional tunic/breeches) with a coat of Heavy Sienna(VGC)
  9. Paint the tunics(not the Trumpeters), Trumpeter’s turnbacks, saddle cloth & portmanteau with a coat of Dark Prussian Blue(VGC)
  10. Paint the trumpeter’ tunic & blanket-rolls with a coat of Terracotta(VGC)
  11. Paint the steal areas with a coat of Chainmail Silver(VGC)
  12. Paint the brass areas with a coat of Brassy Brass(VGC)
General d'Hautpol

General Nansouty 

As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).

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