Monday, 13 October 2014

BA US Airborne #1 Day 1

I started work on the BA US Airborne today. I have split the force into three parts, this will make the work more manageable, also one of the parts (the artillery & Jeeps) will be painted differently to the main force. Today I'm starting on 19 Paratroopers plus two MMG teams and a Mortar team (9 additional Paras).
I have made a few minor changes to the painted guide (seen on my previous post), most of these are to include specifics like Musette bags, pistol holsters etc.
Heres what Ive done today:
  1. Apply an undercoat with the airbrush using a 1:1:1 mix of White:Black Surface Primer(V):Airbrush Thinner(V)
  2. Airbrush the whole mini with a 1:1 mix of German Camo Beige(VMC):Airbrush Thinner(V)
  3. Paint the skin with a coat of Heavy Skintone(VGC)
  4. Paint the webbing, backpacks, ammo pouches & entrenching tools/canteen covers with a coat of Deck Tan(VMC)
  5. Paint the helmets, dark green equipment (grenades, MP/BAR pouches) with a coat of US Dark Green(VMC)

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