Wednesday, 10 September 2014

French Napoleonic 18s #5 - Day 4

Day four, like previous day fours was all about Heavy Bluegrey followed by some pom-pom painting and washing. I decided that pom-poms would be better painted slightly darker, then highlighted, rather than painted light, washed, then re-highlighted. I also did the same with the yellow on the Voltigures. Speaking of which I am painting the two units of Voltigures with opposed green/yellow facing colours and should look great IMHO!

In detail then today:

Paint all the white/light grey cloth/webbing (not on the pack) with a coat of Heavy Bluegrey(VGC)
Paint the purple pom-poms with a coat of Heavy Violet(VGC)
Paint the light blue pom-poms with a coat of Macragge Blue(C)
Paint the Orange pom-poms with a coat of Hot Orange(VGC)
Paint any yellow cloth/feathers with a coat of Heavy Goldbrown(VGC)
Wash the light grey cloth with a coat of Soft Body Black(MM)


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