Monday, 8 September 2014

French Napoleonic 18s #5 - Day 2

After a couple of days off I'm back on the front-lines fighting with these republican French. Today I learned that the man I thought was Napoleon is actually a regular general an visa-versa. Yes Bony was hiding (with his hand in his jacket amongst his generals). This however, gave me a chance to try out an unused paint, namely Heavy Warmgrey (which is a light grey/pink on Bony's horse.

I also did this:
Paint the black areas (including the blanket roll & straps on the pack) with a coat of Heavy Charcoal(VGC)
Paint all the red cloth/feathers (not piping) with a coat of Heavy Red(VGC)
Paint any green cloth/feathers/pom-poms (not piping) with a coat of Heavy Black Green(VGC)
Paint the steal areas with a coat of Chainmail Silver(VGC)
Paint the brass/gold areas with a coat of Brassy Brass(VGC)


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