Monday, 1 September 2014

French Napoleonic 18s #4 - Day 8

It's been a fairly productive day today and all being well these Frenchies should be finished tomorrow, just in time for the next batch. To answer those who have shown an interest, the next batch is two line regiments and five Generals, including the little big man himself.

Back to today:
Highlight orange pom-poms and extreme highlight the red cloth/feathersAdd final highlights to the trumpet cords with a coat of Macharius Solar Orange(C)
Wash the orange pom-poms, red plumes, cloth, feathers and trumpet cords with a coat of Bloodletter(C)
Highlight the muskets, pistols, water gourd and brown horses with a coat of Charred Brown(VGC)
Re-highlight the muskets, pistols, water gourd and brown horses (highlight the knapsack, red-brown leather and cloth) with a coat of Dark Fleshtone(VGC)
Re-highlight the chestnut horses, knapsack and red-brown leather and cloth with a coat of Beasty Brown(VGC)
Highlight the bay horses and the turbans with a coat of Leather Brown(VGC)
Re-highlight the bay horses with a coat of Plague Brown(VGC)
Highlight the grey horses with a coat of Stonewall Grey(VGC)
Highlight the brown hair and cloth (Re-highlight the turbans) with a coat of Khaki(VGC)
Re-highlight the brown cloth with a 1:1 mix of Khaki(VGC):Off White(VGC)

Now for the new (larger size) Pics:

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