Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bavarian 9YW 10s #1 - Day 4

They are done, yes the Bavarians are finished! Got lots done today and with a final push, got them completed.

Here's a list of all the work involved:
I painted all the white areas with Heavy Bluegrey(VGC), Red areas with Heavy Red(VGC).
The leggings, belts, gloves were all painted Zandri Dust(C), this was used to highlight the brown hair.
The wood was painted Heavy Sienna(VGC) and the skin Steel Legion Drab(C). Finally all the black and metal areas were painted black, before a gloss varnish was applied with the airbrush.
Then onto the highlights.
The blue areas with Sky Blue(VMC), white with white(duh), Red with Flat Red(VMC), leggings, belts, gloves with Buff(VMC), Wood with Zandri Dust(C), flesh with Flat Flesh(VMC), Black with Dark Grey(VMC), metal with Chainmail Silver(VGC) and the brass/gold with Glorious Gold(VGC)
Then a coat of Matt varnish.

I've had a lot of fun painting these and all being well their owner will like the results and order more to be painted (watch this space).


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