Wednesday, 6 August 2014

French Napoleonic 18s #2 - Day 7

Feels I like I got a lot done today, so much so that these should be finished tomorrow. Here's a long list of today's highlights (tong in cheek).

Dark Grey(VMC) was used to highlight all the black and dark grey areas including on the guns. Further highlights were added with Neutral Grey(VMC), the light grey areas were also highlighted with this.
Flat Red(VMC) was then used to highlight all the red areas and to paint any piping. Macharius Solar Orange(C) was used to highlight the red. This was also used as the initial highlight on the Orange pom-poms. These were further highlighted with 1:1 mix of Fiery Orange(C):White.
the remaining pom-poms were highlighted thus:
Green - Goblin Green(VGC) then Moot Green(C)
Purple - Royal Purple(VMC) them Blue Violet(VMC)
Blue - Lothern Blue(C) then Glacier Blue(VGC)
Yellow - Moon Yellow(VGC) then a 1:1 mix of Moon Yellow(VGC):White
The water gourds, muskets and horse flesh were then highlighted in Charred Brown(VGC), followed by Dark Fleshtone(VGC). Dark Fleshtone(VGC) was also used to highlight the red/brown cloth, which was further highlighted Beasty Brown(VGC).
Next was the knapsacks, brown cloth and hair. These were highlighted Khaki(VGC) then Buff(VMC).

This all leaves me tomorrow with the flesh and metal areas as well as some clean-up.

Here's today's Pics.

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