Monday, 4 August 2014

French Napoleonic 18s #2 - Day 5

Hi Guys, Hope you had a great weekend and to those in Scotland an even greater extended one.

One quick note before today's update. I have relocated some posts from this blog to my hobby blog (link on the right of the page) which I consider hobby, rather than work related.

Today I got all the minis (not including the guns) up to my 'Rank & File' standard. This involved the following:

The yellow feathers/cloth were painted white in preparation for yellow, yellow really needs a white base to paint onto. The white cloth/webbing/cockade and straps on the packs where all highlighted also in white.
The yellow areas were then painted Moon Yellow(VGC) and washed (once dry) with Casandora Yellow(C).
Next the green feathers/cloth were painted Heavy Black Green(VGC), then highlighted with Warpstone Glow(C). This all means that the Voltigeurs as starting to look their colourful selves.
The inside of the cockades (careful handy work!) and the piping on the coats were painted Flat Red(VMC).
Finally, the centre of the cockades (mealy a dot) was painted and all the blue cloth highlighted with Dark Prussian Blue(VMC).

Here's the daily update pics

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