Thursday, 31 July 2014

French Napoleonic 18s #2 - Day 3

Today was dominated by the painting of red, especially on those Artillerymen. Heavy Red(VGC) was used to basecoat any red cloth or feathers not including piping, this is added later. A few purple pom-poms were basecoated Heavy Violet(VGC). Then all the steal areas were basecoated with Chainmail Silver(VGC). Next came a wash (Soft Body Black, my own recipe), this was applied to the whole mini using the airbrush. Once this was dry, flesh was added to the hands and faces with Heavy Skintone(VGC). Closing-out the day was Heavy Brown(VGC), this was painted on the knapsacks, light brown cloth (campaign style) and hair.

Here are your daily pics

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