Monday, 14 January 2013

Eye Candy - Warmaching - Khador Battlegroup Box Set

Eye Candy - Warmaching - Khador Battlegroup Box Set

With an imminent house move looming, I have been sorting through my wargaming detritus and making some tough decisions about what makes the cut to the new house. I had a short venture into Warmachine (just after their revamp to the new looking cards). I bought a couple of Cygnar minis, before getting this Khador battlegroup. As is usual for me and new wargames, I lovingly built (magnetised), painted, played one game and left on display these minis. I guess Warmachine wasn’t for me.
Regretfully therefore, Sorscha and her warjacks did not make the cut. Instead hopefully they will be heading for a new home (along with the rulebook), via eBay.
As you will see from the pics I have chosen a winter theme (rather than the traditional red) for the colour scheme. Most of the armour on the warjacks and Sorscha’ corset are a grey-blue colour, similar to that of Space Wolves. This is complemented by the deep rich red colour which is very striking on the tabletop. There is also some weathering and battle damage on the armour (I dislike the ‘fresh out of the factory’ look) and snow on the bases.

The bases are also painted to match the colour scheme, with marker lines on front/back/sides. As previously mentioned the warjacks are fully magnetised on all their arm joints and heads. This helps when you want to reconfigure the warjack, pose it during games and improves your options when transporting.

I hope you like the look of these minis, if you really like them they will be on eBay for a week from tonight.

Despite not really liking the game of Warmachine, I really like the minis. I had a lot of fun painting these (would have been even better with my new airbrush) and I still have a few more Khador minis to paint; which I will have to complete one day.

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