Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Eye Candy - Trolls

Eye Candy - LoTR's Trolls

So Christmas is over and its been an exciting time in my hobby room. I have a new Harder & Steenbeck airbrush (which is amazing) with associated toys, I have some new minis, more about those in coming blogs and lots of interest in commission work (following my recent eBay sales).
The arrival of a new and superior airbrush, superior to the cheap Chinese imports I have been using; lead me to painting these LoTR's Trolls. The theory being that they are big enough to enable me to test various techniques with my airbrush. I therefore airbrushed all the skin, including the stoney areas, before finishing the minis with a brush. Although the airbrush has a 0.4mm needle, I was able to get much greater control that previously with my Chinese 0.3mm brushes. This meant that not only did I lay down the basecoat, I was also able to add shading and highlights. The effect being that the two skin tones (flesh/stone) transitioned seamlessly.

I used a brush and a feathering technique to complete the work on the skin, this gives it a very realistic, almost leathery look. The metalwork on the Cave Trolls I weathered so that they are almost completely covered in rust. Apart from the different weapons, I gave the Cave trolls slightly differing skin tones and eye colours. In contrast, the Mordor Troll has less weathering on his metalwork. He has blood splatters on various areas, including from a broken spear shaft I added to the centre of his chest; all of which gives him a very cinematic feel.
So lets look at the pics. As always please click on them for a closer look. If you like them or have
feedback, please leave feedback. If you really like them, they will be
on sale on eBay from Sunday 13th Jan.

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