Sunday, 16 December 2012

Eye Candy - Dark Vengeance Dark Angels

Back in January 2012 I got the Dark Vengeance box set for my birthday and started work on the new minis; always the best part for me, being more of a hobbyist than a wargammer. My initial intentions however where to build the Dark angels force and start to wargame with them. Having got them completed (along with the Traitors), my interests have moved back to my Crimson Fists and Deathskull Orks. I have therefore decided to attempt to sell my Dark Vengeance minis on ebay. With the Chaos codex having being released recently and the rumoured release of the Dark Angels Codex imminent, I thought now would be a great time to sell.
So lets have a closer look at the Dark Angels; as always, click on the images for an even closer look:

Company Master Bathasar leads the Dark Angel Contingent. I have raised him up on a high stone (cork) base to note his rank.
Librarian Turmiel provides Barachiel with much needed psyker support.

Tactical squad with plasma pistol/gun/cannon. The rumours are that the new Dark Angels Codex will have special rules which will lesson/remove 'Gets Hot' making these a fantastic unit.

I'm very pleased with these mini's, though not the most animated poses, they are a great improvement on the previous box set. I have added battle damage to the armour and washed the minis with oil paints giving them a crisp/realistic look/feel.
Sgt Barachiel's Deathwing squad adds a lot of punch to the contingent. For me this was one of the best looking units in the box set and the one I loved painting most. If rumours are correct then these may be taken as troops in the new codex, which will make a tough objectives winning/holding unit.
The Assault Cannon Terminator has too be one of my favourite minis both to paint and game with.
I had a lot of fun painting these, again using acrylics with Oil washes,

The Ravenwing bikes provide a tough mobile unit, ideal for grabbing objectives or dealing with unforeseen enemy's in your rear lines.
These bikes have been painted like the rest of the contingent, with acrylics and oil washes. Mud was added to the wheels and along the underside of the mini using acrylic paint mixed with tiling grout. This gives a very realistic look/feel to the minis.
I have really enjoyed working with these minis and have had a few fun wargames with them as well. I look forward to seeing whats in store in the new Codex and hope that someone can give me a great price for these minis on ebay.
Hope you liked this article, please comment and ask me questions.

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