Sunday, 16 December 2012

Eye Candy - Dark Vengeance Chaos Marines

Although the initial plan was to sell the Chaos Marines from the box set, I found it very hard to let them go and wanted to paint them. The Cultist were in fact the first units i painted. Having no previous interest in Chaos previously, I wasn't sure which army to paint them as. I agonised over this for some time then eventually went for World Bearers, painting the Cultist in red gowns to match. Once completing these I wanted a break from this scheme and set to work on my Dark Angels. When I finally came back to the Chaos mini, I had seen several armies painted as Alpha Legion (I had also read their Heresy book) and wanted to paint them. Rather than re-painting the Cultists, I just painted the remaining minis as an Alpha force. I am really pleased with the results, but don't have a passion for wargaming with Chaos so I have decided to auction these minis on ebay. Please take a closer look at them by clicking on the pics below.

These are the shooty Cultist, which dispite there low cost/flimsy profiles have performed very well in games for me.
I wanted this unit to look like it could have been members of a guard/planetary defence unit with references to military clothing. The leader looking like a chaos commissar.
One thing I like to do with my minis (however low in status) is to make sure everyone is an individual. To ensure this all the duplicated mini had some conversion work done on them and all had individual paint schemes, including skin tones.
Next are the close combat Cultists, again with conversions made to over half the minis.
I added a spare barrel to the special weapon's guy's pack (them things get hot, ya know).
I had a lot of fun converting and painting these. Its a real shame these guys wont have a bigger part to play on the battlefield.
Now a look at my Alpha Legion Chaos space marines. I wanted a classic look for these and painted the armour purple, highlighting up-to dark blue, with bright green edging. On larger panels I painted bright green scales or Alpha legion icons (using decals). Where these was any skin I made it dark to match the A L fluff.
Kranon in the box set fluff, now ? Apharius?
The leader of the chosen, Alpharius?
 With some of these pics you can see the armour's graded change from purple to blue, done using an airbrush.
And finally, the big guy Helbeast Alpharius?
This was a joy to paint and a real beast on the battlefield to kill.
I hope that these minis will find a great new home for someone, and will continue to grow into a much larger force.
Hope you liked this article, please comment and ask me questions.

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