Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Eye Candy - LOTR Evil Collection

Here is my collection of LOTRs evil  miniatures which I wanted to get onto the blog prior to selling on ebay.  I completed these over a year ago and have had lots of fun gaming with them in both formats of the GW games. I don't think the pictures really do them justice and have often been asked why I spent so much time painting rank & file troops. I guess I am one of those war gamers who find it difficult to do a tabletop paintjob. Anyway, I hope that I will get a good price for these and that somebody will appreciate my work. All being well this will result in more new stuff on these pages.

Besides these miniatures here, I have been busy painting some Flames of War British, I have also expanded my Khador collection; more on them in a later post.
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